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Rose Fogara (played by Andreana Dunaway) is a criminal on Death Row, presumably a serial killer. She is first introduced in 1x01 Pilot where she hands Andrew his file; eventually leading him down the road into the woods, where they run and meet Brian who claims to have just woken up. They run after hearing a scream in the distance and Rose comes across a house where she discovers a set of files and a body (Danny) along with a notebook, before meeting Lexi and Melanie.

The girls tell Rose they've been there for weeks and don't have any memories of who or where they are. Rose reads one of the journal entries and realizes no one can be trusted, and decides to hide her discoveries in a bag before following Lexi and Melanie. After being confronted by Ian who admits to following them, Rose confesses she woke up with Sam and Brian - admitting Sam is the reason everyone is there, naming her head of Sylence Society, a group which worked to expose the governments secret projects. This angers Ian who has been manipulated by Sam to kill off other inmates and storms off to confront her along with Melanie, who is revealed to remember Ian from before.


Rose Fogara played by Andreana Dunaway

As Lexi deals with nightmares and a secret, she confesses to Rose she was the one who killed Danny. Rose comforts her and tells her about Mandy, the first person she met after waking up and the one who gave her the bag containing a few files (including Andrew's) before disappearing. She admits to hiding the bag due to fear it wasn't safe, but decides to take Lexi to see her file. They are approached by Sam after going through the contents of the bag who tells Rose to be ware of Brian, telling her not to trust him. Rose tells her she can't be trusted either and Sam walks off. Later they run into Ian who holds Melanie's body, after bering killed by Sam. As Ian storms off Rose hands him Melanie's file as well as his.

Walking through the woods, Lexi follows behind Rose clearly upset over Melanie's death. She begins to accuse Rose and steals the bag, running off deeper into the woods. Rose heads back to the house and is surprised to find one of the doors opened, revealing a single chair in a dark lit room. It is then revealed that Rose had a shed which contained three of her victims, one of which has his throat slit. As Rose sits in the chair facing a figure in black, flashbacks reveal she knew Andrew and his brothers before Death Row, making them clean up her messes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 6.21.59 PM

1x01 "Pilot" Rose Fogara played by Andreana Dunaway, Andrew De Luna played by Kevin Garay

Sam Lamoq (played by Baylee Perry) was a criminal on Death Row, convicted for criminal conspiracy. She is the head and leader of Sylence Society, an anonymous group responsible for exposing government projects including Death Row (also known as Project DAE512).

She is first introduced in 1x04 Backstab, but is one of the first to wake up on Death Row along with Brian and Rose (1x08 Sylence). After failing to get them to work together, she follows the road into the woods and eventually finds a house with specific instructions for her, telling her in order to be free she must be the last alive. She is able to "reset" Brian with the help of Ian, wiping his memories with a device left behind which comes to her advantage as she convinces Brian to follow Ian, believing he cannot be trusted.

After gathering information Sam is confronted by Ian who threatens to kill her for lying to him, telling him she knew a way out when there was none. He decides to have mercy on her and spares her after he has a flash of memory. She is later also confronted by Brian who punches her, for having Andrew killed. She pleads with Brian telling him about an exit, but he tells her he doesn't trust her and walks away. In the distance Sam notices someone wearing a bloodied mask and carrying a machete.

In a fit of rage she finds and knocks out Ian with a rock in 1x09 Havoc, quoting a conversation he had with Melanie earlier, saying "I had mercy". She finds Melanie who calls for Ian, but Sam proceeds to attack and kill her. Sam later finds Rose with Lexi and tells her not to trust Brian before walking off.


Sam Lamoq played by Baylee Perry

Flashbacks in 1x10 Bloodshed reveal Sam discovering Project DAE512 and comes across the presumed mugshots of a few others including Danny, Charlie, Ian, Melanie and Mandy. She runs out but manages to snap a few photos first.

Sam enters what appears to be a new cell indicated by a Red colored arrow where she is confronted by the girl in the mask and the machete. Sam recognizes her as Ivy and reveals her involvement with Sylence Society after Ivy tells her she has no memories of anything before. Sam spots a figure in black and is then attacked and impaled by Ian. As she falls to the ground her last words are "sylence society", followed by flashbacks revealing Sam made an apparent recording after discovering the project, presumably marking the beginning of the formation of the anonymous group before being captured.


1x10 "Bloodshed" Sam Lamoq played by Baylee Perry

Brian Wardell (played by Ishmael Paz) is a criminal on Death Row, presumably convicted for affiliation or obstruction of justice. Although most of the files contain detailed convictions, in 1x06 Bad Blood it is revealed that the files of Sam Lamoq, Rose Fogara and Brian are listed as classified.

He is one of the first to wake up along with Sam and Rose, who he vaguely seems to remember. Rose refers to his buddies as "cops" and Brian seemingly remembers her as a serial killer. He quickly distrusts both of them and wanders into the woods on his own but is eventually captured and reset by Sam, causing him to wake up with no memories for a second time.

In 1x01 Pilot he meets Andrew and Rose, telling them he just woke up. The trio run off after a scream is heard in the distance and Rose seemingly loses them in the process. After Andrew admits Rose told him both their names, he refuses to go on without her and decides to search for her.

The two make it to a tree on a hill where Andrew sits to rest, and as he seems to fall asleep he claims to have seen a figure in black, which Brian dismisses as him just being tired. Eventually they come across what appears to be a run down shed which they use as shelter. Brian goes off to search for water after Andrew loses the one given to him by Rose and he discovers a file in the shed.

In 1x04 Backstab Brian and Andrew are walking through the woods and begin to cross a field. From a distance Ian follows them and Brian tells Andrew to run. Ian chases them down and manages to catch up to Andrew where Brian witnesses Ian kill him.


Brian Wardell played by Ishmael Paz

He wakes up in the house to Ian and Sam, who introduces herself and tries to convince Brian he's been living with them for a few weeks now. Though he claims to not remember, she tells him about a group that she works for that will set them free. She proceeds to tell Brian they're all criminals, including Ian who she distrusts and asks Brian to follow him.

Brian witnesses Ian grab a hidden bag, which flashbacks reveal Melanie also carried at one point. He comes across Ian and Melanie in 1x06 Bad Blood where Ian nearly kills him and reveals Sam has been resetting him in order to manipulate him to join her group. In 1x08 Sylence Brian has flashbacks and remembers Ivy, who he appears to have had kicked out due to a crime she may have committed. He also recalls Andrew's death and sees a figure in black.

He confronts Sam, punching her for having Andrew killed. She begs for him to listen to her but he tells her he does not trust her, even after she tries convincing him of an exit near the shed. Brian storms off and later stumbles upon Melanie's body in 1x10 Bloodshed and later returns to the house; before exploring an open door he is startled when the television turns on and begins a contingency alert. He notices a masked figure in the distance and runs out; later seen returning back at the shed he had previously discovered with Andrew.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 2.02.04 PM

1x04 "Backstab" Brian Wardell played by Ishmael Paz

Ian Barroa (played by Rob Gonzalez) is a criminal on Death Row convicted for aggravated assault, first degree murder & possession with intent to distribute. His first appearances are in 1x02 Hot & Cold following Brian after the discovery of the shed, and 1x03 Dead Men Speak following Brian and Andrew down an open field, but is not introduced until 1x04 Backstab after running them down.

In 1x06 Bad Blood it is revealed Sam was the first person Ian met upon waking up; it was her who provided him with a weapon. She is able to manipulate him and has him retrieve Brian, ultimately killing Andrew in the process. He is present when Brian wakes up but Sam has him leave before she expresses her doubts about him and has Brian follow him around.

Ian keeps a bag hidden after following Melanie and discovering her spot. He later confronts Rose, Lexi and Melanie after overhearing them talk about retrieving a bag. He throws it on the ground believing that to be the bag they were speaking of, only for Rose to reveal it is not hers and Lexi realizes Melanie has been holding back after she and Ian seemingly recognize each other.

Rose admits to the group about the reasons they are all there, blaming Sam for most of it. Infuriated, Ian storms off to kill Sam for manipulating him after Rose tells him there is no way out and Melanie follows behind him.


Ian Barroa played by Rob Gonzalez

In a flashback it is revealed Ian had previously killed another cell mate (Charlie) before Andrew, blaming Sam for making him do her dirty work. Melanie continues to try and convince him that killing her wouldn't solve anything but he remains persistent. They run into Brian who Ian nearly kills but spares him and tells him the truth about Sam having him join her group. He storms off with Melanie and later meets and confronts Sam. Before he can kill her, he has a flash of memory of him and Melanie and decides to spare her as well.

In 1x09 Havoc Ian tells Melanie about the memory, still trying to piece things together and tells her he let Sam live, saying he had mercy. A sudden sound alerts him and he goes to investigate, leaving Melanie behind. He is knocked out by a blow to the head with a rock by Sam and later wakes up to find Melanie's body. Rose and Lexi later find them and Rose hands him Melanie's file along with his own. In 1x10 Bloodshed Ian finds Sam and impales her with his weapon. She falls to ground grasping for air and Ian walks off, as Ivy runs out.


1x05 "Puzzles" Ian Barroa played by Rob Gonzalez

Melanie Parker (played by KT Chong) was a criminal on Death Row, convicted for first degree murder and possession with intent to distribute.

Her first appearance is at the end of 1x01 Pilot along with Lexi, after running into the house to find Danny's body and Rose standing over it. She reveals to Rose they have been there for about 18 days and that they don't remember anything and is caring towards Lexi, offering her water after not having slept through the night.

In 1x02 Hot & Cold Melanie tells Lexi she doesn't trust Rose, finding her sketchy and possibly responsible for Danny's death and decides to head out of the house. Lexi tells her to go on without her but Melanie refuses, pulling her up to her feet. Before they are able to head out, the television in the house suddenly turns on and a masked figure repeats "Sylence society"

Brian briefly sees Melanie walking through the woods in 1x04 Backstab holding a file with Ian following behind, and in 1x05 Puzzles it is revealed she hid a file in a bag where Ian later discovered it.

After retrieving Rose and learning both their names, Lexi searches for Melanie calling her by name in 1x05 Puzzles. They find her and decide to rest believing the coast to be clear of any threats, but Melanie offers to keep watch just in case. Lexi has what appears to be a nightmare and Melanie comforts her along with Rose. Later, Melanie begins to question how Rose knew of their names and learns Rose's bag contained several files, theirs included. Rose tells them how she hid her bag and Melanie demands to go back and retrieve it, wanting to see her own file herself. The conversation is then interrupted by Ian who throws Melanie's stashed bag on the ground, telling them he following her. He grabs Melanie's arm and the two have a flash of memory, showing a connection before this place.


In 1x06 Bad Blood Melanie reveals to Lexi, Rose and Ian that she had found the files in the bag before Lexi and the "other kid" (Danny) woke up. Rose admits to waking up with Sam and Brian, who's files were in the bag and begins to tell them about each one of them most likely having worked for her; ultimately blaming her for them being there. Melanie follows behind Ian who is determined to kill her for lying about a way out. She tries to convince him it's not worth it; then sees a figure in black from a distance. Ian tell her he is still trying to peice things together before Brian stumbles across them. As Ian begins to choke Brian, Melanie pulls him off and follows Ian after he reveals the truth to Brian.

Ian later has mercy on Sam and lets her live, telling Melanie in 1x09 Havoc he had another flash memory. Before he can tell her, a sound alerts them and he goes off to investigate. Melanie is later approached by Sam, carrying a rock. She introduces herself and Melanie begins to call for Ian when Sam strikes her and takes her to the ground, smashing her head with the rock repeatedly. Ian then finds her body after waking up; Rose and Lexi also find them and as Ian heads out, Rose hands him Melanie's file as well as his.

Melanie is last seen at the end of 1x10 Bloodshed where Lexi comes across her after stealing Rose's bag.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 5.36.47 PM

Melanie Parker played by KT Chong, Lexi Philips played by Jocelyn Paz

Lexi Phillips (played by Jocelyn Paz) is a criminal on Death Row, convicted for possession with intent to distribute and is also stated as a runaway.

She is first seen at the end of 1x01 Pilot with Melanie after running into the house and finding Rose standing over a lifeless body. In 1x02 Hot & Cold she is offered water after not having slept throughout the night but refuses, clearly upset over their friends death. Melanie later tries convincing her to leave the house, telling her she finds Rose sketchy and possibly responsible for the death but Lexi refuses. Melanie then pulls her up and before the two can head out the television turns on and a masked figure chants "sylence society".

In 1x03 Dead Men Speak Lexi searches for Rose and offers to take her with them to their camp, but Rose refuses. Lexi then tells her about the television and the words "sylence society" seem to alert Rose and she decides to follow her. Lexi begins to have flashes of memories that include seeing a figure watching her from a distance. Rose is able to calm her down, accidentally calling her by her name; also revealing her friends name to be Melanie. Lexi is able to piece together the files contains their information and tells Rose that if she is going to stick with her, there can't be anymore secrets.

Lexi begins to call for Melanie in 1x05 Puzzles with Rose following behind and after finding her the trio decide to get some rest. After Melanie offers to keep watch for a bit, Lexi falls asleep and has what appears to be a nightmare/memory of her selling drugs to Danny, who seemed to have some sort of interest in her. She wakes up frantic and is able to calm down after being comforted by Rose and Melanie. They decide to stay up and after Melanie begins to question how they knew her name, Lexi tells her about Rose's bag containing their files. Rose tells them she hid the bag in order to keep them safe and they are interrupted by Ian who throws a bag onto the ground and later seems to recognize Melanie from before.


After the bag is revealed to be Melanie's, Lexi goes through the contents: the files of Sam Lamoq, Brian Wardell and Rose Fogara. Melanie then admits to having found them before Lexi and the "other kid" (Danny) woke up. Lexi begins to demand answers and Rose reveals that Sam is the main reason they are all there. After Ian decides to confront Sam, Melanie nods for Lexi to follow her behind him but she refuses, staying behind with Rose.

In 1x07 Vague, which takes place before the events of 1x01 Pilot, Lexi follows Danny into the house after he finds it. She begins to try going through its contents, but is not able to open any cabinets or doors; then comes across a signed sheet reading "Sylence". Lexi turns to Danny to find him holding a file in his hand, which he reveals is his and tells her he remembers. Things escalate as he begins to tell her about their connection from before, giving a dark impression of where things may have gone. She is frantic and as he begins to profess his love her for she begins to choke him, having flashes of memory of a figure in black watching her. After killing him, Lexi proceeds to set it up as a suicide, placing him in the position Rose finds him in 1x01 Pilot before running out of the house.

At the beginning of 1x09 Havoc she confesses to Rose about killing Danny, after being haunted by their last conversation. Rose proceeds to tell her about how she came across the bag, telling her about a girl she met on her first day named Mandy who suddenly disappeared after giving her shelter. Lexi questions why she hid the bag from them and Rose decides to take her to retrieve it. They later are approached by Sam, after Lexi finds out she was a runaway, who warns them about Brian. At the end of the episode Rose and Lexi come across Ian and Melanie's body and Lexi mourns over her death. In 1x10 Bloodshed she begins to blame Rose for what happened and decides to steal the bag from her and runs off into the woods. She is last seen at the end of the episode where she seemingly comes across Melanie.

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 9.53.41 PM

1x09 "Havoc" Lexi Phillips played by Jocelyn Paz, Sam Lamoq played by Baylee Perry

                         Recurring Characters
Danny Manning (played by Christian Aguilar) was a criminal on Death Row convicted for aggressive behavior and government system hacking. He was presumably one of the members of Sylence Society, an anonymous group created by Sam.

His first appearance is in episode 1x01 Pilot where his lifeless body is discovered in the house by Rose. In 1x02 Hot & Cold while Rose reads the journal she found, he is seen in a flashback watching Lexi from a distance and writing things down in the journal.

In 1x03 Dead Men Speak Lexi has a memory in which Danny approached her and bought drugs from her, and seems to have an interest in her.

He is seen once again in 1x07 Vague, which takes place before the events of 1x01 Pilot where he leads Lexi into the house, telling her he simply came across it. Danny then admits to Lexi that he remembers everything, while handing her his file. Flashbacks reveal he had some sort of obsession with her, following her around and writing about her. Sam's voice is heard accusing him of being just as messed as the people who put them there.

Danny admits his love for Lexi and things escalate as he begins to tell her about their connection from before, giving a dark impression of where things may have gone. She is scared and as he professes his love for her she begins to choke him to death. Lexi then moves his body to make it seem like a suicide before running out.

DSC09353 Fotor

Danny Manning played by Christian Aguilar

He is mentioned in 1x08 "Sylence" by Sam, who threatens to kill him once she finds him after waking up with Rose and Brian. In 1x09 "Havoc" Lexi reveals to Rose what happened to Danny after his voice haunts her, and his mugshot is briefly seen in 1x10 Bloodshed in a flashback where Sam comes across Project DAE512.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 6.14.43 PM

1x07 "Vague" Danny Manning played by Christian Aguilar, Lexi Phillips played by Jocelyn Paz

Ivy Bradmore (played by Yolanda Cobblah) is a criminal on Death Row, convicted for murder and a presumed member of Sylence Society.

Her first appearance is in 1x08 "Sylence" in a flashback where she approaches Brian with blood on her hands. She is later seen by Sam at the end of the episode where she stands wearing a mask and holding a machete.

In 1x10 "Bloodshed" Brian returns to the house to find the television on a contingency alert and runs out after Ivy begins to walk out from behind the sheets, sliding her machete on the ground.

Later on Sam crosses into what appears to a red cell and comes across Ivy who Sam immediately recognizes. She reveals her name to be Ivy and proceeds to tell her about Sylence Society and where they are. Ivy tells Sam she has no memories from before, and those she woke up with are dead. They are later spotted by Ian who attacks and kills Sam as Ivy runs off.

DSC09398 Fotor
Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 1.37.24 PM

Ivy Bradmore played by Yolanda Cobblah

DSC09354 Fotor

Mandy played by Michaela Kim

Mandy (played by Michaela Kim) is a presumed criminal on Death Row and member of Sylence Society.

Her first appearance was in 1x07 Vague where she finds Rose and brings her with her. They take shelter and Mandy reveals they are in a government funded project where they are like guinea pigs. She reveals her bag to contain a set of files she tells Rose is from her cell.

The next morning Rose wakes up to find the bag next to her and Mandy gone. She is last seen walking away as Rose takes the bag and eventually finds Andrew.

In 1x09 Havoc Rose tells Lexi about her meeting with Mandy. Telling her Mandy was acting weird which is why Rose decided to hide the bag of files.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 6.43.33 PM

1x07 Vague Mandy played by Michaela Kim, Rose Fogara played by Andreana Dunaway

Andrew 2

Andrew De Luna (played by Kevin Garay) was a criminal on Death Row convicted for murder.

His first appearance is in 1x01 Pilot where he wakes up on Death Row and meets Rose who hands him a file containing his information. After learning he is there for murder, he follows her down the road and into the woods. They come across Brian who claims to have just woken up and after Andrew tells him he has too, a scream alerts them and they run off into the woods. Rose loses them and Andrew tells Brian he wants to search for her.

They come across a tree and Andrew decides to stop to rest and sees what appears to be a figure in black watching them from a distance. Brian dismisses this as just hallucinations, and in 1x02 Hot & Cold the two discover what appears to be a shed. Brian leaves to find water leaving Andrew alone where he discovers what appears to be a file while a figure in black stands behind him.

In 1x03 Dead Men Speak, he follows behind Brian and stops when he begins to see what appears to be hallucinations of his brother. He tells Brian about this, repeating "brothers never bail". In later flashbacks, it is revealed Andrew had two brothers: Lucas and Austin, who were worried about what they were going to do after what appears to be their mother abandoned them.

Ian follows behind Brian and Andrew in 1x04 Backstab after they cross an open field and chases them down, eventually catching up to and killing Andrew by impaling him from behind with his weapon. In 1x08 Sylence it is revealed Brian witnessed this which leads to his confrontation with Sam.

He is seen again in 1x10 Bloodshed when Rose has flashbacks of her life, revealing her to be a serial killer who held Andrew and his brothers hostage; making them clean up her messes.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 2.00.15 PM

1x04 Backstab Andrew De Luna played by Kevin Garay

Charlie (played by Tyler Fuentes) was a presumed criminal on Death Row who was killed by Ian in 1x06 Bad Blood.

He is attacked while sleeping by Ian who wakes him up yelling about him lying. Charlie pleads for his life saying he "knows where it is" however Ian imapales him through the gut with his weapon and leaves him to bleed out.

Charlie's scream while being stabbed is the one Rose, Andrew and Brian hear in 1x01 Pilot.

His mugshot is also briefly seen in 1x10 Bloodshed in Sam's flashback, where she recognizes his photo, revealing his name as Charlie.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 1.54.00 PM

1x06 Bad Blood Charlie played by Tyler Fuentes

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